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11 AM

Tuesday 8th July 2008


St. John’s

Smith Square





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Smith Square



United Kingdom



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A memorial organized by The Fraser Family and HarperCollins to celebrate the live and literary work of George MacDonald Fraser.  Open to the public and all those who wish to pay there respects and celebrate the work of George MacDonald Fraser.  The event will also be advertised in the National Press.


'Dear Flashman Society Members


I'm writing to let you know that a memorial service has been planned for GMF at St Johns, Smith Square, SW1 on the morning of the 8th July at 11.00am. It’s planned that the service will celebrate his life and works, reflect the things that he held dear to him, and with content including readings from his Flashman works by Joss Ackland, along with recollections of his time in the military, his love of adventure and comedy, films etc. Speakers include Melvyn Bragg, Sir Max Hastings and the author and critic D.J Taylor. Alex Norton will also be reading from GMF's McAuslan works. The tone is one of celebration and humour and is expected to last for approximately an hour and a half. The celebration is open to all with no ticket invitations required.




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George Macdonald Fraser Released 'The Reavers' Oct 2007



George Macdonald Fraser Released 'The Reavers' Oct 2007

Another fantastic Romp in the style of 'The Pyrates' Stereo Technicolor with added Flynn!

Imagine Elizabethan England, perhaps with a 1940's Hollywood film crew lurking in the bushes to catch action, with extras from the Wizard of Oz sneaking in on the action. A dastardly Spanish plot to take over the throne is uncovered. It's up to Agent Archie Noble [Pose check hair, remove lipstick from cheek] to save Queen [Never has she looked better] and country [Never was England finder] in this saucy Technicolor and swashbuckling romp.

George wrote this one for the hell it!  Show off!  George knows the country and setting well, 'the borders' as written in CANDLEMASS ROAD, the tongue in cheek pass at current politics are strong seemingly out of place but bang on! His knowledge of history and the era of Hollywood swashbuckling that inspired him shine through.

This pure is the true Fraser as we've never read before,flowing and brimming with his wit and humour, filled with everything that we know inspired him; history, story telling, Flynn-Hollywood, bosom quivering humour and the land of his birth, Carlisle and the borders.

God Bless you George!















Sir Harry Flashman is one of the great creations of modern literature. First encountered as the school bully in Tom Brown's Schooldays (1857) by Thomas Hughes, he was thankfully rediscovered by George MacDonald Fraser (b.1925) who purportedly edited the Flashman papers starting with “Flashman” in 1969. The series has now run to twelve volumes.  Taking us from the classrooms of Rugby School, through the Afghan Wars, the Crimea, the United States, China and the Indian Mutiny. 

"Not only are the Flashman books extremely funny, but they give meticulous care to authenticity.  You can, between the guffaws, learn from them." Washington Post 

"Whether Flashman goes a-rogering in Timbuktu or flees headlong down the Amazon pursued by native tribesmen with poisoned darts, I will follow him in the confident expectation of being uninterruptedly entertained. As well as providing a fine assortment of treats, George MacDonald Fraser is a marvellous reporter and a first-rate historical novelist" Kingsley Amis, Sunday Telegraph 1991



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    'Flashman' is the first of Eleven instalments of the papers so far. A classic and racey start to many adventures that see Harry; former bully of Rugby, running for cover and chasing ladies and whores alike all over the British Empire.

    This racey instalment solves the mystery of what happened to Harry; coward, bully and cad of Thomas Hughes' 'Tom Brown's School Days'.

    Firstly he seduces his father's mistress, joins Lord Cardigan's 11th Light Dragoons - gets involved in a Duel, in which he cheats, and then moves on to Indian ending up the hero of the hour in Afghanistan!


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