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<!------picture map one -------!>
Flashman Vol.1  1839-1842 What can you do to get worse after being expelled from Rugby School? Royal Flash Vol.2  1842-1843 and 1847-48 Adventures with Lovely Lola and Otto 'square head' Bismark! Flash for Freedom. Vol.3  1845-6 Banished in disgrace by his father-in-law to run slaves, pimp for them and to free them? Flashman at the Charge. Vol.4  1854-55 Into the Valley of death rode the six hundred. Flashman foremost, lustful he Plundered! Flashman and the Greatgame. Vol.5  1856-58 From Balmoral to Bombay, Chapattis cause more than indigestion! Flashman's Lady. Vol.6 1842-45  Cricket, Pirates, Whores, Tea on the lawn, Beer at Lords and oh! musn't forget the wife! Flashman being the English Gent! Flashman and the Redskins. Vol.7  1849-50 &1875-76  Pale face Wind Breaker & Souix princess Ringing bells wild in the west. Flashman and the Dragon. Vol.8  1860-1861   Flashman gets caught out by a vicar's wife and ends up tasting the flowers of the orient! Flashman and the Mountain of Light. Vol.9  1845-46  A dangerous mission to meet a nymphomaniac Princess! Flashman and the Angel of the Lord. Vol.10  1858-59  John brown's crusade catches Flashy with his pants down again! Vol. 11  Flashman and the Tiger 1878 & 1883-4, 1890 & 1891, 1879 & 1894.       Even in all age Flashman proves he's still a cad,        scandlous! <!------end picture map one -------!>

Other books by George Macdonld Fraser!

The Pyrates, Swashbuckling on the Highseas aboard the Pyrate ship the Frantic Frog! Mr American. A stranger from the wild west arrives in Edwardian England! BA X Y Z S Q H

American Editions of Flashman at

American Editions of Flashman at

The Light's On At Signpost

By George Macdonald Fraser

Order now at Amazon:  The Light's On At Signpost

HarperCollins; ISBN: 0007136463

The Light's On At Signpost  


The next Instalment of the Flashman Papers


George Macdonald Fraser

April 2005

Covering the 1868

Flashman's Campaign to Abyssinia

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