25th June 2008


'Dear Flashman Society Members


I'm writing to let you know that a memorial service has been planned for GMF at St Johns, Smith Square, SW1 on the morning of the 8th July at 11.00am. It�fs planned that the service will celebrate his life and works, reflect the things that he held dear to him, and with content including readings from his Flashman works by Joss Ackland, along with recollections of his time in the military, his love of adventure and comedy, films etc. Speakers include Melvyn Bragg, Sir Max Hastings and the author and critic D.J Taylor. Alex Norton will also be reading from GMF's McAuslan works. The tone is one of celebration and humour and is expected to last for approximately an hour and a half. The celebration is open to all with no ticket invitations required.





Memorial Celebration for

George MacDonald Fraser

11 AM

Tuesday 8th July 2008


St. John�fs

Smith Square





St. John�fs

Smith Square



United Kingdom



Box Office: +44 (0)20 7222 1061

Administration: +44 (0)20 7222 2168

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Email addresses:

mailto:[email protected]



A memorial organized by The Fraser Family and HarperCollins to celebrate the live and literary work of George MacDonald Fraser.  Open to the public and all those who wish to pay there respects and celebrate the work of George MacDonald Fraser.  The event will also be advertised in the National Press.







New membership is currently suspended, following the death of George MacDonald Fraser

Plans to re-structure and re-focus the society are currently in progress.

The society will be producing, for current members a memorial edition of the society journal.






Wednesday 2nd January 2008

I am sure most of you will be aware of the sad news of George Macdonald Fraser's death.
Although George was 82 I still feel shocked that he is no longer with us.  I am particularly moved because, as always, at Christmas he remembered us sending a Christmas with best wishes enquiring after the Flashman Society, Chairman David and my family.  His last note was a recommendation for 'Breath of Corruption' by his daughter Caro Fraser.  I have since learnt that this was mostly likely from the Hospice where he was receiving care.  George had been ill for sometime, but wished to trouble no one.  I am assured that George received marvellous care. His end was peaceful, he wasn't in pain and all his family with him.

On behalf of all the members and contributors to the Flashman Society over the last ten years, and indeed all readers of Flashman for the last 38 years, I'd like to say how sorry we are and how George will be missed; as a writer, historian and journalist he was unequalled. He made us laugh; and through the frank pen of the 'Brigadier' he instilled in us an appreciation of truth and honesty in a way no other could. Values which will stay with us all.

The funeral will be 11th January, at St. Andrews Church, Douglas, IOM followed by a private family cremation.

The family have requested family flowers only.  

Donations in lieu should be sent to:

The Isle of Man Hospice.

The Strand,


Isle of Man.


I have spoken with David and we are planning to send a letter and memorial edition of the DAD to all Society members and associates past and present.



George Macdonald Fraser Released 'The Reavers' Oct 2007

Another fantastic Romp in the style of 'The Pyrates' Stereo Technicolor with added Flynn!

Imagine Elizabethan England, perhaps with a 1940's Hollywood film crew lurking in the bushes to catch action, with extras from the Wizard of Oz sneaking in on the action. A dastardly Spanish plot to take over the throne is uncovered. It's up to Agent Archie Noble [Pose check hair, remove lipstick from cheek] to save Queen [Never has she looked better] and country [Never was England finder or Greener] in this saucy Technicolor and swashbuckling romp.

George wrote this one for the hell it!  Show off!  George knows the country and setting well, 'the borders' as written in CANDLEMASS ROAD, the tongue in cheek pass at current politics are strong seemingly out of place but bang on! His knowledge of history and the era of Hollywood swashbuckling that inspired him shine through.

This pure is the true Fraser as we've never read before, flowing and brimming with his wit and humour, filled with everything that we know inspired him history, story telling, Flynn-Hollywood, bosom quivering humour and the land of his birth, Carlisle and the borders.


UPDATE Oct 2007

Membership renewal extended to 2008  Unfortunately the production of the journals this year was interrupted by my relocating and a death in the Chairman's family.  Members do not need to worry about Renewing membership Subs determined by the number of journals sent rather the length of membership.  Some New memberships have been delayed but will be processed as soon as possible. Thankee Max


The Dvd of the Royal Flash has finally been released.  After years of pestering 20th Century Fox, Richard Lester and his agent, the society campaign to have the film released on DVD has finally paid off.  Society member Big George Webley was interviewed (in my place lucky fellow I was moving house) along with DJ Taylor and others for one of the documentaries.

This is a highly recommended film; it has aged well - better than many period adventure films of the 1970's which at the time did better at the box office and is well worth buying!  Thankee Max



UPDATE Sept 2007

New Contact Addresses added in:


Thankee Max


UPDATE Aug 2007

Throughout the Spring I had various contacts regarding the Re-Release of the Royal Flash.  Interviews and Documentaries are being film for inclusion with the Re-master DVD edition.


UPDATE 12th May 2005

George Macdonald Fraser is appearing at Hay-on-Wye Festival 
Sun 29th May Hay-on-wye 2.30PM £7
Visit http://www.hayfestival.com/2005/index.html for details
or download http://www.hayfestival.com/2005/DOWNLOAD/PDF/hay_programme_05.pdf 


Sedbergh Booktown
A Festival of Books and Drama is planned for August/September when
members of the public will be able to meet the patrons of the Book
Town, Eric Robson, George Macdonald Fraser and Professor Tony Seaton.

The Festival will offer a varied programme with three original plays,
several "meet the author" sessions, story-telling fun for children,
lectures on the technicalities of books etc.



6th May 2005


*Venue Change* The Manchester signing has changed venue!

The signing/reading will now be held in the Deansgate branch.

Tickets will be £3 on the door, for those who paid £5 - £5 off the Flashman on the March is being offered.


20th April 2005

Watersotne's Deansgate

George Macdonald Fraser at Manchester University

Meet George Macdonald Fraser who will be reading from and signing copies of his new book in the Flashman series, 'Flashman on the March', at Manchester University on Tuesday 10th May at 7pm.

Tickets: ��5. Available from Waterstone's Manchester Deansgate.


91 Deansgate

Manchester M3 2BW

Tel: 0161 837 3000



13th April

2005 35th Anniversary of the Flashman Papers

New pages added 11th April

For the 35th Anniversary of the Flashman Papers:

Read 35 years of Praise for the Flashman!

35 years of praise.htm

Flashman Playboy Serializations


17th Feb 2005

Flash For Freedom" is currently scheduled to go out on BBC Radio 4 at the end of March/beginning of April.  The dates are:
Episode 1: Sunday 27th March at 15:00-16:00 (repeated on Saturday 2nd April at 21:00-22:00)
Episode 2: Sunday 3rd April at 15:00-16:00 (repeated on Saturday 9th April at 21:00-22:00)
Please be aware that any number of events can alter the planned Radio 4 schedule, so I strongly advise keeping an eye on the Radio Times or another listings service as the date approaches.




21st Jan 2005

Flash for Freedom(!) Radio

We've have just learnd that the BBC and GMF are getting together with
Joss Ackland again to make another two part special - Flash for

The recording starts soon. I will post details as they become

oh aye - "THIS BBC BROADCASTING HOUSE SAYING..." - thank'ee!



Book Signings & readings

12:30pm Tues April 5th Hatchards, Piccadilly London

http://www.hatchards.co.uk/ Check Events


NAM Tues April 5th See Below


2:30pm Sat April 9th

Isle of Man, Douglas

Ottakars Bookshop


26th April 1.00pm

Theatre Royal Glasgow



Hye-on-Wye Event




Listen to George MacDonald Fraser in conversation with biographer and journalist DJ Taylor looking back on his life and novels, his autobiographical works and in particular the twelfth instalment of the Flashman papers Flashman on the March, new on the shelves in April 2005. Guests will be invited to ask questions and a book signing will take place after the lecture. A full range of Mr MacDonald Fraser's books will be available to purchase from the Shop.

George MacDonald Fraser speaks at the Museum on 5th April 2005. Doors open at 6.30pm to allow guests to visit the Museum Shop. The lecture begins at 7.00pm and will be followed at 8.30pm by a book signing in the lower foyer.

Tickets are available at the NAM Shop or by mail order on 020 7730 0717 ext. 2240. Purchase in advance of the event is recommended.

£12.50 Standard
£10.00 NAM Friends / Students

George MacDonald Fraser




The paperbacks of Flashman now have a new 35th Anniversary covers:



Page Update Flashman on the March




19th Jan 2005

Links for Flashman Wallpapers:


There is the Frank Frazetta Flashman to download at:




19th Jan 2005

Flashman Song

Written by Terence Chua

"I wrote it because, well, there weren't any Flashman songs. I love the books, as I

am an historian-in-training...I tried to do it in the style of a pub drinking song."



19th Jan

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19th Jan 2005

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