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Flashman at the Charge!



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Flashman at the Charge Volume Four of the Flashman Papers.

More from the Flashman papers editted by George Macdonald Fraser

As the British cavalry prepared to launch itself against the Russian guns, Flashman was not so much dismayed as terrified. But the Crimea was only the start: beyond lay the Great Russian slave-empire, torture and death from relentless enemies, headlong escapes, and savage tribal hordes. An enjoyable read as we follow our 'hero' to the Crimea and Central Asia. From the Board of Ordnance to Colonel of the staff in one easy step By becoming a wet nurse to a German Prince, Prince William of Celle. Flashman is witness to some of the great battles of British military history. He gets caught up in the Battle of the Alma, the Thin red-line, the charge of the heavy brigade and the famous charge of the Light Brigade as one of 'the six hundred' who charge the Russian guns at the North Valley, better known as the 'Valley of Death' in what passed into legend as, 'the Charge of the Light Brigade'.

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