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Flash for Freedom Volume three of the Flashman Papers.

More from the Flashman papers editted by George Macdonald Fraser

When Flashman gets involved in a game of vinget-un with Disraeli and Lord George Bentinck, he was making hoping for an introduction to government and the House of Commons instead he is introduced to the West African slave trade?

Flashman provides an insight into the slave trade which will surprise and provoke some thought about what happened and why. Flashman as usual brings the tone down to the lowest of levels chasing every doxie he can find.







The Wind Done Gone


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Flashman at the Charge Volume Four












The Wind Done Gone

The Wind Done Gone: A Novel by Alice Randall.

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The Wind Done Gone on CD read by Alice Randall

A satire of Gone with the Wind, a parody just as parts of the Flashman papers are. Alice Randall, the author of a novel satirising Gone With the Wind, was found by a Federal court in Atlanta to have engaged in "unabated piracy". Astonishing and outrageous the reporting of history, even if deemed to be in a satire must surely be free. The Wind done gone is a parody of Margaret Mitchell's classic novel "Gone with me Wind" from the viewpoint of a slave. A perfect scenario for a satire.

According to the judge, however, not. According to the greedy trustees of the Mitchell copyright literary 'Gone with the Wind' is a sacred cow with the strangely exclusive right to remain free of comment. I wonder what would happen if every book and historical figures mentioned in the Flashman papers decided to take exception to being part of that particular narrative. If the supposed heartwarming Civil War tear-jerker "Gone with the Wind" with it's blatantly romantic view of the world isn't fodder for fictional mischief, then what's left to satirise? Flashman would have to put aside his pen this minute: he is not about to do that his tales of the civil war are still are much awaited chapter of his life which will not be hushed up. Flash for Freedom(1971) and Flashman and the Angel of the Lord(1994) have already covered the slave issues and hinted at his part in the Civil War. Flashman and the Redskins(1982) deals with his other travels in America and the treatment of the native Americans; Indians.

If the decision in Atlanta court is upheld on appeal, satirists better start heading for the hills. Frankly, my dear, we all better give a damn. I heartily recommend the 'Wind done Gone' by Alice Randall even as I'm dragged away to be silenced by the courts...








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