12 days of Christmas

by Elspeth Flashman

  • On the first day of Christmas Flashman gave to me:
  • A Kyber knife from a Ghazi!!
  • On the 2nd ... Two duelling pistols
  • On the 3rd ... Three French corsets
  • On the 4th ... Four Chinese cushions
  • On the 5th ... DAMN YOUR EYES!
  • On the 6th ... Six stocking Garters
  • On the 7th ... Seven Russian Cannons
  • On the 8th ... Eight boots with spurs on
  • On the 9th ... Nine Persian tea pots
  • On the 10th ... Ten chests of Opium
  • On the 11th ... Eleven hairbrush handles
  • On the 12th ... Twelve bells of silver


    Scale by Max
    First published in the Flashman Society Journal Christmas 2000. To recive the jounral 'Dawns and Departures of a soldiers Life Vol IIII' Join the Flashman Society. Contact details


    Who goes there damn your eyes!!

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