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Flashman and the Mountain of Light!



Flashman and the Mountain of Light! Volume Nine of the Flashman Papers.

More from the Flashman papers editted by George Macdonald Fraser

In the beginning diamonds came from India, nowhere else. And the greatest of those ancient stones cut a deep and bloody path across the history and legends of the country. The Koh-i-Noor, the Mountain of Light, has been fought over, cursed and occasionally lost. Seized by British agents eager to please the young Queen Victoria, it now lies in the Tower of London, its ownership still disputed. Avoiding the defence of the Indian frontier against the Sikh Khalsa army, Flashman finds himself in the secret service of the Court of the Punjab, where he copes well with the attentions of the beautiful Maharani, but also has to face the torture chamber but ends up gettings his sticky mits on the baleful Mountain of Light as well as the beautiful Maharani.

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