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Flashman and the Angel of the Lord!

"Was everybody Mad! Was nobody sane in America?""


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Flashman and the Angelof the Lord Volume Ten of the Flashman Papers.

More from the Flashman papers editted by George Macdonald Fraser


Flashman leaving Calcutta in a hurry, and arriving in Virginia - where John Brown and his gang of rugged fanatics were to fire the first shot in the great war against slavery. It casts light on a seminal moment in the history of the USA John Brown was an American abolitionist, born in Connecticut and raised in Ohio. He felt passionately and violently that he must personally fight to end slavery. In 1856, in retaliation for the sack of Lawrence, he led the murder of five proslavery men on the banks of the Pottawatomie River. He stated that he was an instrument in the hand of God.

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