Campaign Medals of Sir Harry Paget Flashman Brigadier-General V.C. K.C.B., K.C.I.E. 1822 - 1915

Collected by Michael Hargreave Mawson U.C; D.B.P; Vice-Chairman Flashman Society and Orders and Medals Research Society.

This ribbon bar group believed to have been worn by Sir Harry Flashman toward the end of his career recently came to light, discovered by an auctioneer at Christerby's folded up inside a silver cigarette case which bore the inscription "To my dearest Hector, ever faithful and waiting - E. The Ribbon, partly burnt, was wrapped around the remains of a cheap Turkish blend cheroot. The quick thinking auctioneer alerted Mr Hargreave Mawson who was able to identify the item as belong to Sir Harry. There would seem to be few other military men of the Victorian era who would have anything like this grouping.

The details of the group researched by Michael Hargreave Mawson:

First Row

  • Victoria Cross Indian Mutiny
  • Knight Comander of the Bath for services during the Indian Mutiny 1858

    Second Row

  • Knight Commander Indian Empire
  • Queen's Medal for Afghanistan 1841-42 (ribbon very faded)
  • Cabul 1842

    Third Row

  • Jellalabad, Afghanistan. Awarded to the defenders of Jellalabad 1842
  • Sutlej, India 1846
  • Crimea 1856
  • Indian Mutiny 1858

    Four Row

  • Second China War 1860
  • Abyssinia
  • South Africa, Zulu War 1879
  • Egypt 1874

    Fifth Row

  • Queen's Sudan 1896
  • Third China War 1900
  • Queen Victoria's Jubilee
  • Edward VII Coronation

    Sixth Row

  • Edward VII Delhi Durbar
  • George V Coronation
  • Order of the Elephant (Denmark)
  • Turkish Crimea Medal 1856

    Seventh Row

  • Congressional Medal of Honor (USA, post-1904 ribbon)
  • Civil War Campaign Medal (USA, second ribbon)
  • Southern Cross of Honor (awarded by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to Confederate veterans)
  • San Serafino Order of Purity and Truth (4th class)

    Eighth Row

  • Possibly Iron Cross (Germany, 1870 variety) or Commerative medal of the Congress of Berlin 1883.
  • Legion of Honour (France)
  • Franco-Prussian War Medal (France)
  • Franco-Prussian War Medal (Germany)

    Nineth Row

  • Indian War Medal (USA, first ribbon)
  • Khedive's Star (Egypt)
  • Khedive's Sudan Medal 1896 (Egypt)
  • General Gordon's Khartoum Star
  • There is speculation about the accuracy of the identification of these ribbons. Further volumes of the Flashman papers will of course aid the research into this ribbon group. The age and condition of the ribbons make identification difficult, along with the extraordinarily wide variety and length of Flashman's military service. While there is speculation on the old generals part in the Great War, it was recently pointed out that a ribbon thought to be remaining from a medal from the Great War, it could in fact have been a ribbon awarded to benifactors of the 'Mission for Reclamation of Reduced Females', New York!


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