The following is a brief summary of Flashman's carrer. There are many other events and military duties hinted at in the papers, the full story of which is yet to be revealed.






Sir Harry Paget Flashman. Brigadier-General. V.C. K.C.B K.C.I.E.

Victoria Cross. Knight Commander, Order of the Bath, Indian Empire

San Serafino Order of Purity and Truth, 4th Class

Chevalier - Legion of Honour

Order Maria-Theresa, Austria

Order of the Elephant. (Borrowed.)

U.S. Medal of Honour




5th May 1822




Gandamack Lodge



Great Britain.








Rugby School 1831-1840 (Expelled for Drunkenness.)






Chairman: Flashman and Bottemley Ltd. (From undisclosed military profit.)

Super Cargo, S.S. 'Baliol College.' Mexican Slave Ship. (Not proven!)

Director: British Opium Company. (From taking profit where I could get it.)

Governor: Rugby School. (Unwanted.)

Honoury President: Mission for Reclamation of Reduced Females. (Couldn't Refuse!)



Military Career




Lieutenant: 11th Light Dragoons. (Purchased by unwitting Father.)


1840- 41

Military instructor attached to Paisley Militia, Scotland.

(For getting more publicity after a duel, than Lord Cardigan!)



Lieutenant: East Indian Company Lancers.

(A wedding gift; care of Lord Cardigan.)


1841- 42

Lieutenant: Attached to General Elphinstone's Staff, Kabul Afganhistan.

(For not keeping my mouth shut.)



Promoted Captain, pending commission in Household Cavalry.

(Through being modest.)



Procurement Chief to HM Indian Light Cavalry, stationed to Singapore.

(An excuse to go a nice jolly.)




Auxiliary to H.M. King James Brooke of Borneo Batang Lupar Expedition.

(Through not keeping both eyes on my wife.)



Sergeant General to H.M. Queen Ranavalona's Forces; Madagascar.

(Because nobody would buy me at the slave market.)


1845- 46

Captain, Political Service, Punjab Region. Political Envoy to Maharani Jeedan, Lorhore.

(Through agreeing with everyone for a change.)



Chief of the Royal General Staff, Schleswig-Holstein's Army.

(A title only; care of a second marriage.)



Captain, Board of Ordnance, London. (A nice quiet job.)



Colonel, 17th Lancers; Raglan's Staff Crimea.

(To wet nurse a Kraut Prince.)



Colonel, Political Service, Northern India. Attached to General Rose's Staff during Sepoy Mutiny.

(For being too close to the PM at the wrong moment.)



Adjutant to Captain John Brown, Maryland U.S.A.

(Shanghaied by a trollop and her father.)



Hong Kong and China, Chief of Intelligence.

Political Envoy to Nanking during Taiping Rebellion.

Attached to Lord Elgin's Staff during second Opium War.

(Shanghaied by a trollop and her husband, a clergyman!)



Major, Union Forces: South Carolina, American Civil War.

(Through straying too far from home.)



Major, Confederate Army: Richmond Virginia.

(For trusting a familiar face, Abraham Lincoln of all people!)



Aide-de-camp to H.I.M Maximillion, Emporer of Mexico.

(For missing a ticket home.)



Interpreter Camp Robinson Conference, Sioux Reservation. U.S.A.

Observer Soiux campaign, Battle of Little Big Horn.

(Through inviting a half-breed hunkpapa whore to a steamboat ball.)



Zulu War Isanhlwana, Rorke's Drift.






 Personal Skills



Shows great initiative, acts with minimal guidance.

(Runs at the first sign of trouble!)


Accomplished Horseman, competent Fencer.

(Gunnery poor, unless opponent is unarmed.)


Expert in a number of languages.

(Able to purchase Cigars, Brandy and Bawds in any language.)


Keen to work as part of a team. (Is a complete creep and toady.)


Friendly and sociable. (Seems unable to keep his hands off the fairer sex.)


Smart, cultivated appearance and manners. (Women seem to adore him.)






White's. United Service. Blackjack (Batavia.) (resigned.)






Dawns and Departures of a soldiers life. Twixt Cossack and Cannon.

The Case Against Army Reform. Various booklets on foreign Languages.

French, German, Latin, Danish, Mandarin, Sioux, Russian and Greek.






Cricket Riding Angling Oriental Studies Languages Pyramids, Billiards and Pool.

Egyptology Whoring, Drinking (Brandy mainly) Cigars.


 Other Achievements


 Performed First recorded Hat-trick, taking three consecutive wickets off Felix, Pilch, Mynn. Three of England's finest cricketers. One by skill, one by luck and one by Knavery!





 Son of Harry Buckley Flashman, Esq. and Hon. Alicia Paget. Married Elspeth Rennie Morrison, daughter of Lord Paisley. Son; Harry Albert Victor. Daughter; Josephine.


The Campaign Medals of Sir Harry Flashman.


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