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Directed by Richard Lester

Script by George MacDonald Fraser


Malcolm McDowell in the 1975 film- "THE ROYAL FLASH"

In 1975 a wonderful film was made of the Royal Flash, scripted by George MacDonald Fraser. Directed by Richard Lester. The film follows the book faithfully, bar a few details: The names of a few famous places and people were changed to possibly aviod contention.


Malcolm McDowell - Captain Harry Flashman
Alan Bates - Rudi Von Sternberg
Florinda Bolkan - Lola Montez
Oliver Reed -Otto von Bismarck
Tom Bell - De Gautet
Joss Ackland - Sapten
Christopher Cazenove - Eric Hansen
Henry Cooper - John Gully MP
Lionel Jeffries - Kraftstein
Alastair Sim - Mr Greig
Michael Hordern - Headmaster
Britt Ekland - Dutchess Irma
Bob Hoskins - Police Sergeant 
Richard Hurndall
Arthur Brough
Elizabeth Larner
Margaret Courtenay
Stuart Rayner - Speedicut
Leon Greene - Grundwig
David Jason - The Mayor
Noel Johnson - Lord Chamberlain
Ben Aris - Fireman
Rula Lenska - Helga
Bob Peck - Police Inspector
John Stuart - English General
Frank Grimes - Lieutenant
Paul Burton - Tom Brown
Tessa Dahl - First Girl
Claire Russell - Second Girl
Kubi Chaza - Lucy
David Stern - Policeman
Meg Davis - Barmaid
Roger Hammond - Master



Downlaod a clip from the Royal Flash. 331lKB

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